What we are About

NC Debt Counsellors is a registered debt counselling company with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). Registration number: NCRDC2149. 
Since the National Credit Act (NCA) prescribed debt counselling as a legal debt relief process, NC Debt Counsellors (NCDC) has assisted thousands of consumers out of the depression, poverty and stress of the debt trap. As one of the most prominent players in the industry, NCDC’s impeccable reputation is of the utmost importance to us. We endeavor to provide the best customer service and debt counselling assistance in South Africa. We will protect you and your possessions from credit providers and debt collectors, harassing you and threatening to take away your homes and cars. By tailoring your debt repayment plan to suit your personal circumstances, we’ll ensure you can more than afford your monthly living costs with ease. At the same time, you will also be able to cover your monthly instalments, interest rates and our debt counselling fees comfortably.

NCDC has well-established relationships with many Major Credit Providers, enabling us to quickly and efficiently negotiate beneficial Debt Repayment Terms for our Clients which makes the process of settling matters and disputes with Credit Providers quicker and easier. The latest available statistics of the NCR indicates that more than 11 million consumers have impaired credit records. This is more than 46% of all credit-active consumers in South Africa. Chances are that 46% of all the people you know are in financial stress. However, we understand that debt is a sensitive topic for most people and therefore we treat all applications with the utmost confidentiality. Not even your employer or colleagues and friends will know that you are making use of Debt Counselling to help you reduce bad debt.

One aim is to offer convenient and affordable Debt Counselling in South Africa. You can either arrange for a consultation in person or the whole process can be finalized telephonically and via email, making it extremely easy for you to make use of our services. Let us take your hand and guide you through the entire Debt Counselling process. Our services span across the entire country so, no matter where in South Africa you live, contact us for help.