"We strive for excellence in protecting you and your possessions from credit providers and debt collectors. By tailoring your debt repayment plan to suit your personal circumstances, we’ll ensure you can more than afford your monthly living costs with ease". 

Jennilee Ellis
Debt Counsellor

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NC Debt Counsellors is a registered debt counselling company with the National Credit Regulator (NCR). Registration number: NCRDC2149. 
Since the National Credit Act (NCA) prescribed debt counselling as a legal debt relief process, NC Debt Counsellors (NCDC) has assisted thousands of consumers out of the depression, poverty and stress of the debt trap...

Our Services

If you are struggling to make your monthly debt repayments, you should consider one of our services available to you. Our services provides assistance to repay your credit cards, personal loans, payday loans, retail accounts, store cards, vehicle finance, home loans and any other unsecured debt. If you are in danger of falling into arrears, contact us as soon as possible to be shielded from becoming blacklisted. If you have already been blacklisted, our services is the most effective and safest way to get a Clearance Certificate. We offer our services across the whole of South Africa, as the application process can be completed over the phone and via email.
Debt Counselling
Debt counselling is a debt management process that was designed to help you if you are feeling overwhelmed by debt.
Debt Advice
We at NC Debt Counsellors are giving you best debt advice and tips on how to manage your debt as well as the do’s and don’ts.
Asset Protection
We can help protect your assets, such as your house and car. While under debt review these assets are protected from legal action.
Debt Networking
Debt Networking offers you an exclusive business oppertunity. Write your own pay cheque, part time or full time. Ask us how?
Debt Review Clients
Successful Court Orders
Debt Free Clients

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